Every customer drives a unique request. We enjoy the delight in our final products that our customers experience.
It is important that we achieve that delight each and every time. Delight in design, delight in service, delight in price!

Family Reunion Tee

Using old photos which were scanned and retouched, this reunion tee was designed and dye sublimated to a 100% cotton tee in natural.
The photos were all turned to an antique gold color for consistency.
This is just one of the many examples of products designed and delivered by the Graphitti Creations team.

License Plate Fund-Raiser

Using a photo taken of the outside of the club, our team removed distracting power lines and poles, and then completed the design.
The final transfer was dye sublimated to an aluminum license plate blank with a UV resistant sublimatable coating.

Fruit Market Mouse Pad

A local fruit market came to Graphitti Creations because of our low cost and no set-up fee offer. Using clip art from our extensive collection, we were able to quickly design and produce a mouse pad and uniform shirts that met their budget, but offered a quality product. The Orton’s decided to put this design on the lapel of the Alpine Spruce Vapor Apparel Performance Tee. The name of each worker was included in the lapel design.