As a designer, the computer becomes your playground.
Of course, it isn’t always fun to play.  Sometimes you are in the midst of a project that is not subject matter that you have any interest in.
Perhaps it is redundant material that you feel you have overworked and have no ability to infuse creativity into the end product.
Therefore, if you are creative, you look for ways to “play” again.  Ergo, Designs for You to Download (for personal use).

A great way to get fantastic printables and “save a dollar”  IS to take your free file to one of the awesome print shops out there.  Depending on the type of printer you use coupled with the soaring cost of ink cartridges sending/taking your file to a printer may be your best option.  They are many in our area that will print a printable super fast.  For the quickest results, find a printer who allows you to upload printables from your computer directly to their store. This saves your time and theirs.  Walk in, your order is ready, and your printable is beautiful.